2017 - current

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“If you are speaking, you can make music with your voice. Don't think of it as beatboxing; see it as a way to write and make music all the time. A nonstop music tool.” - Reeps One

Boom Snap Clap is an ongoing opportunity for Dutch beatboxers to get a bigger stage. This initiative started as a school project but is now becoming a safe haven for beatboxers throughout the Netherlands. Together with Alexander Kahlman they have created Stichting Boom Snap Clap.

During the creation of Boom Snap Clap, which already started in 2017, Rosa wanted to find a stage for these amazing artists.
Beatboxers create their own language from sounds, but how can it be that this beautiful (unknown) language is so underrated and not seen? Let’s put this brilliant art form where it should be - on stage!
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*Designs below - process on how it once started.

Rosa Zwiers: concept, graphic design, video editing, photography, sound design.
Lumi Pulkkinen: photography, videography (video 1). 
Jorgos Dimitrakis / Nimbus: photography dance to beatbox 2021