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c // concepting
a // advertising
gd // graphic design 
p // photography

About —
Rosa Zwiers is
a Rotterdam based
junior creative.

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+31 (0)6 432 171 41


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Boom Snap Clap // 2017

            “If you are speaking, you can make music with your voice. Don't think of it as beatboxing; see it as a way to write and make music all the time. A nonstop music tool.”
- Reeps One

There are thousands of professional beatboxers throughout the world, they have created their own language in sounds. But how can it be that this beautiful (unkown) language is underrated and not seen? Let’s put this brilliant artform back on the map.

A fictional campaign regarding a young target audience for an annual event or activity based on a niche market of choice taking place in - and to promote the French/Flemish city Lille. 

With this project I wanted to create music without instruments and let that music become a recognized part of the music industry in Lille. Using one universal language, the language of music.  

// Nothing has been used for commercial purposes.