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To lure the voice out of its hiding place is to find a way to trigger people to uncover theirs.

The Sound Cave is a ficitonal story about a prehistoric cave where the possibilities of the human voice is discovered through blue strings that respond on sound-making by the voice. In the video above, that same story is told by six different storytellers in their native language. 

We use our voices to produce meaning and as one of the ways to understand each other. Verbal communication in sentences/words/conventions is however not always sufficient enough to express oneself. Language is designed to communicate but sometimes lacks the act of truly expressing. Linguistics can feel as a limitation of sorts, where sound-making can feel as a liberation. But what happens when we produce sounds that do not have a defined language, nor a written meaning? Those sounds still produce meaning, one that doesn’t have a clear description. By using sound-making as a tool, the emotional layer underneath can be revealed. That layer of expressing can liberate you from the confines of language. 

Read full research document here.

Rosa Zwiers: concept, graphic design, video editing, photography.
Storytellers: Leomar Imperator, Luke Vermeulen, Basak Kirici, Alexander Kahlman, Mean Thangtrakhanpong, Jabe Sverre Oost

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