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Rosa Zwiers is
a Rotterdam based
junior creative.

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The True Self // 2019

           A project that turned out to be a research about my own vulnerability through my body and social media. With this project instead of starting from the concept, the core, I started with the execution. An approach that was asked as an assignment at the art academy.

It was mandatory to use yourself in this project. This then became a much more intense assigment then I beforehand had expected.

The insight that I started with was why nipples and genitals are immediately deleted on Instagram. This gave me the idea to create the human that Instagram apparently wants to see, a human without genitals and nipples.

After posting 18 pictures on the account I felt empty. But I could not quite put my finger on it. Because of this feeling I asked my boyfriend to interview me as a self-reflection. This to discover what was going on inside me. 

Posting these images did a lot more harm than I at first had expected. Ignorantly enough I thought that I could just do this and create a cool looking project. Apparently the emotional connection that I had made with the project caused me to be unable to disconnect my feelings (read dissociate) at a certain point. After researching and talking about this effect with several people who had knowledge on this subject. I concluded that it got too personal and that it is very strange and harmful projecting one self out there without a recognisable face and unnatural characteristics.