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c // concepting
a // advertising
gd // graphic design 
p // photography

About —
Rosa Zwiers is
a Rotterdam based
junior creative.

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+31 (0)6 432 171 41


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Studio Erwin Zwiers // 2019

           Logo rebranding in collaboration with Erwin Zwiers.
This idea came forth from the request of Erwin for a more personalized logo which is to represent his personality and design signature. Elaborating in a discussion on one of his provided sketches we concluded that he should make use of his expressive drawings that he created since he was a kid. These drawings mainly include birds or other experimental creature-like forms.

“Erwin Zwiers is a creator by nature. The paintings and constructions he created as kid, were an expression of his never-ending curiosity. Erwin is fascinated and inspired by materials with unique characteristics. The exploration of newly discovered materials in his own experimental way, often leads to ideas that are the start of new products and objects.”

old logo

sketches new logo




final logo