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Rosa Zwiers is
a Rotterdam based
junior creative.

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Slim Shady // 2019

           “Will the old Slim Shady please stand up?”

An ode to my hero, the slim shady. The dark side of the rapper Eminem. 

Eminem’s time is over. The time of the Slim Shady was his highlight. What if we, Slim Shady fans could create new Slim Shady songs out of the old and create new stories, our own stories? A way to bring Slim Shady back, because we miss him too much.

On a young age I have grown in feeling empathy by taking in the powerful hip hop sound alongside his expression of strong emotions in his songs, which are easily related to by the listener. His impact on my life and the lives of others has changed the way we view hip hop. He is determined, he never gave up hope.

To be able to create this video on the spot I used the MaKey MaKey. A device that allows you to connect a sound to an object.




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