Becoming Lara Croft is a journey about Rosa’s invisible childhood friend. A friend which would run along and shape-shift beside her. The fictional character known from the game Tomb Raider was an inspiration source for her; a strong and independent adventurer. Her image of Lara was unique considering what the image of Lara was to the rest of the world. Lara was being seen as an empty character without a personality and most of all known as a symbol of sex.
The visuals are a representation of Rosa stepping into the footsteps of Lara, getting into her state of mind to learn how to be her. And there she discovered that she no longer wanted to be Lara, but wanted Lara to become more Rosa. She wanted Lara to become human.

To become Lara and to feel what she had to endure, Rosa let other people control her. During these experiments she got to know her own limits, causing her to learn more about herself. When becoming Lara, Rosa eventually became more herself.

Rosa Zwiers: concept, graphic design, video editing, photography.

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