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The Book of Limits is an everchanging project.


Book of Limits is a collection of the many interpretations and true meanings of the word ‘limits’. If you want to be incorporated into the Book of Limits share your definition through email.


There are many ways of interpreting what is before you. But what is the right way to interpret a question or even a word? This, of course, depends on the persons frame of reference, age, experiences, context and so on. We, our society, have created a language system to understand each other and the world among us. This system is created by and for the people. But what if this system is a really complicated fiction in itself? This language system changes constantly, how can language be defined if all words can have multiple meanings and mean something different to every person?


1. The border you may never cross, but occasionally do. 2. Something you can not pass further from, an obstacle, impenetrable threshold. 3. Being unable to do something, unable to see something, reaching the end of imagination and reality. 4. The point where a person has to stop, an end. 5. A synonym for the sky. Limits are the skies that go beyond everything we know. 6. The limit is only the beginning. 7. A stop or ending, a boundary that cannot be crossed, “I can’t go further than that…”. 8. The last barrier that is allowed or possible to reach. 9. If you breach it, devastating consequences will follow. 10. The point where it stops. 11. An imaginary boundary. 12. A man made definition of something we can not (yet) achieve. Ii’s something we tell ourselves, it’s not actually there. 13. The line between yes and no. 14. At which someone or something cannot go any further. 15. To go to great length. 16. The furthest stretch or outreach of something. 17. Lines you cannot cross. 18. Something that says you can’t go any further or can’t get more. 19. Boundaries, something that withholds you from a certain feeling, activity, thought etcetera. that something, the limit, could for example be judgement (of others), your “place” in society, your (physical) attributes. 20. The maximum amount of; breaths, money, years, etcetera. 21. Synonym for the word ‘set’, boundaries by (human) nature. 22. Imaginative borders. 23. Until here and no further. 24. Self-imposed, directly connected to the subconscious, destroying, Elon Musk. 25. Restrictions and borders set by oneself. they are here to overcome. 26. A constantly changing confrontation. 27. Restrictions to be discovered and overcome through life. 28. Challenges to overcome. 29. Abstract borders. 30. How far you think you can go. 31. Elastic borders, strings. 32. Restrictions. 33. Extents. 34. The border of a country. 35. The maximum a person can handle. 36. An edge. 37. The moment uncertainty strikes. 38. The blurry line between something and its negation, the possible and the impossible, the thinkable and the unthinkable. 39. A virtual projection that defines boundaries within the infinite continuum of matter. 40. An indication of what you are not able to do or not supposed to do. 41. Deceptive appearances. 42. A point we agreed on we cannot go further. 43. You yourself; the ‘I’, your ego. 44. Fear before the unknown or the untouched. 45. Something you cannot cross, a measure word. 46. A selfmade end of possibilities. 47. The possibility of no possibility. 48. Reached capacities. 49. A hoax of our mind. 50. A point of no return. 51. The ego that tells itself that its possibilities are not endless. And indirectly, according to the ego, the self is not worth manifesting infinite possibilities. 52. Some sort of boundary where one possibility ends and another begins. 53. Expectations and time. If there are no expectations there are no limits. 54. A connection between the environment where you are born in, grew up in and your own power of imagination. 55. Speedlimit. 56. A tangible or intangible event that separates visible or invisible matter. 57. Endings, when something doesn’t go on anymore, when something changes in something else. 58. Defined boundaries in which something or someone is allowed to operate or perform an action. 59. Something you can not pass further from, an obstacle, impenetrable threshold. 60. A place in which you can experience comfort and fertility for invention.

Rosa Zwiers: concept, graphic design, video editing, sound mixing/editing.
Humanity: definitions.
Alexander Kahlman: beatbox

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